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Setting the standard for innovation in Bitcoin-related programs

Evolve any Bitmap into a personalized, dynamic 3D metaverse
Become a part of the thriving IMSO Multiverse and shape its future


Total supply: 1111

First 2D PFP + 3D avatar combo on Ordinals

First 3D Ordinal utility that will be usable in cross-chain gaming.

First Metaverse as a service product on Ordinals

First multi token economy for Ordinals gaming

Ordinals earn staking and P2E rewards


Where the magic happens

Total Founder Districts:

  • Bitmap inscriptions (mapped 1:1)
  • Your own digital economy
  • Create your metaverse as per your preferences
  • Contain Parcels which can be sold/rented separately

It’s called valley for a reason

Bitmap Valley connects the dots at the forefront of technology. Built with high-tech gaming technology & infrastructure, Bitmap Valley uses the baby lon game engine & three.js to create “smart contract-like” functions for Bitcoin assets.


Feature-rich like no other

  • Digital Real Estate
  • Create your metaverse as per you want
  • Sell or Rent Parcels
  • Completely non-Arbitrary
  • Arcade Games
  • MagicEden Virtual Gallery
  • Streaming and Media Services
  • Customizable Instances
  • Parcel Color Schemes
  • Day & Night Modes
  • Destroy Parcels
  • Many more in development



Mint Address:
Supply: 300,000,000


Q1 | Q2 2024

  • Complete Ordinals artwork
  • MagicEden virtual marketplace integration
  • Launch minting of Ordinals
  • Kick-off and complete Phase 2 Customization
  • Marketing launch
  • Public launch of new bitmap slots
  • Multi wallet integration
  • Launch Staking
  • New partnership announcements
  • Host AMA & Twitter Spaces
  • Add Bitmap Valley Filter on MagicEden
  • Double Development team capacity
  • Add additional Animators

Q3 | Q4 2024

  • Phase 3 customization
  • Expand product capabilities
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Kick-off and complete Phase 3 Customization
  • Multichain integrations
IMSO (Intergalactic Monkey Space Odyssey) is a web3 technology company focused on multi-chain gaming, metaverse development, entertainment, education and opportunity.

We are founded in 2022 by Christopher Reeves. We are based out of USA (Missouri) with a global teams operating from several countries. We use blockchain technology with the goal of lowering the barrier to entry for web3 games.


No failing,
only lessons

We’re always dropping new products. We rock at solving problems, nailing pivots, and we’ve got the backend infrastructure to make cool things happen, especially in the gaming scene.

Chris, A Pioneer in Crypto Advocacy

Chris is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable advocates within the crypto community. With over 8 years of dedicated involvement in the crypto space, he has amassed extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with all things crypto. Chris holds a respected position in the crypto community and is a regular speaker in X (formerly Twitter) Spaces.

His profound understanding of blockchain and rapidly evolving crypto technologies sets him apart. Professionally, Chris is a hardware engineer who, driven by a vision to transform the perspectives on blockchain and gaming ecosystems, founded this company with a strong emphasis on interoperability.

In addition to his role as a company founder, Chris actively provides guidance and services to other crypto projects, leveraging the substantial resources he has acquired. He is now channeling these resources to make 2024 a monumental year for IMSO Company.


Crafting the Future of Crypto Gaming

At Bitmapvalley, we’re driven by a team of passionate individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming experience through blockchain technology. Meet the minds behind the magic:
Vamsi Pola

Advisor, IT, Finance


Web Development, Developer


Full Stack & Blockchain Dev


Devlopment Lead,
Blockchain Dev & Expert


Branding, UX+UI




Phase 1- Customization Basics
Magic Eden Virtual Marketplace
Single TX Custom District
Smart contract like function for Bitcoin assets

Coming soon